Jeff Baum

Dec 03

On Homeland

I was so bummed by last night’s Homeland that I expanded on an email I sent to my dad last night, expressing my frustrations, only it was deleted when I tried to post. Probably tumblr worm related. So rather than try to recreate the post, I’m just cutting and pasting my email to my dad which does a B+ job summing up what I wanted to say: Spoilers re: last night’s Homeland.

Yes, the idea that they’d let brody out of their sight AT ALL during this op is unacceptable. They’d have his every move OKd by the CIA. Actually, considering he was kidnapped by nazir days ago, they’d probably have him holed up in his own safe house until it’s over at this point.

I’m more turned off by the process of the show rather than the individual unbelievable moments tho. That they resorted to Carrie Matheson: Damsel in Distress is unacceptable. That everyone got to stare their arch nemesis in the eye and tell them exactly what they’ve been dying to tell them for a decade is just cheap television. That Nazir would conveniently lay out his plan with Carrie sitting right there is so cheesy, my cartoons as a kid mocked that as an obvious super-villain goof, and that Brody went ahead with the plan knowing Carrie knew what was going down is ridiculous. The show suddenly got very lazy in the TV show making department. The logic lapses are a causality of keeping things moving, but they always served something better. No longer.

I like the Quinn storyline, and I can see this show shifting to that in the future in many exciting ways, but they seem to be bored with the plot they’ve set up for the last 2 seasons and impatient to move on. This ep dragged the show down to the level I constantly feared it’d become…which I should add is still a perfectly good show! But it’s lost that special spark, for me.

Oh also, they couldn’t have made it clearer that Galvez was ‘the mole’ by bringing him back from the dead for no other reason. I don’t know a single viewer who would have minded if that mole query from season 1 went the way of the Russians in the woods.

Finally, speaking of things not a single viewer could have possibly been concerned about in that last hour: Dana - Finn relationship closure. But there’s that, too.

Anyway, tl;dr